We are not only certified professional executive and business coaches, but our vast, real-world corporate experience gives us a unique perspective on the issues that companies face on a daily basis. Time after time we have observed as companies implement the latest recommendations offered by trainers or consultants that address symptoms but don’t address the core of the problem.

This led us to develop our unique coaching model and “core energy coaching” approach that focuses on developing executives from the inside out so that change is transforming and results are sustainable.  To do this, we must understand not only how to leverage strengths, but also how to uncover and address the blind spots and blocks that keep individuals and organizations from thriving, as well as how to have leaders truly engage and inspire others (including their teams and their customers).

We also know that while leadership effectiveness and employee engagement start within the company, they must also include alignment with external customers/clients to ensure effectiveness and ROI.  Our program uniquely includes customers in this equation which dramatically increases our effectiveness.

Why High Performance Edge?

  • Exceptional top-tier U.S. and global real-world corporate experience

  • Professionally-certified executive and leadership coaches from the premiere ICF-accredited coaching program

  • Proprietary “Core Energy Coaching” model that addresses core issues (not just symptoms) to deliver sustainable change and results.

  • Our program uniquely addresses leader/employee/customer alignment to ensure maximum effectiveness and true business impact and ROI.

  • We are leaders in multicultural/diversity leadership and engagement as we believe these are key to any company’s growth in the U.S.