At High Performance Edge, we specialize in leadership development and employee engagement for the diverse, 21st century workplace. We recognize and leverage the strengths of diversity in all of our programs as we develop authentic leaders and build engaged workplaces.

We are executive and organizational high performance coaches. What we do best is work with CEO’s, business owners, senior executives, and organizations to improve your leadership development, workplace engagement, and diversity management to ultimately improve performance and bottom line results.

We do this through a proprietary process utilizing proven tools to assess, identify and ignite your unique “high performance edge” to maximize engagement and leadership within a diverse landscape – transforming both your business and your life.




Dan is a certified executive and leadership coach and performance consultant whose passion is helping leaders and organizations accomplish goals previously thought to be beyond reach. He spent over 20 years working for top global advertising communications firms, including over 12 years at the CEO level in the U.S. and internationally. He advised Fortune 500 clients across virtually all categories including Procter & Gamble, General Mills, Nestle, General Motors, U.S. Army, The Home Depot, Miller/Coors, and Microsoft.

Dan credits the stellar leadership training he received early on and throughout his career with accelerating his growth and advancement as a professional. He was one of the youngest division CEO’s in these worldwide corporations, and he was also awarded his global company’s highest award for leadership and outstanding performance.

His career led him to helm three significant organizational turnarounds, transforming struggling companies into industry leaders. These experiences taught him the power of employee engagement and how to create and leverage it at all levels to accelerate change and create breakthrough results.

Dan also has a passion for diversity in the workplace. He was CEO of 2 of the top 10 U.S. Hispanic and multicultural marketing communications agencies, and he has worked extensively internationally. He believes in leveraging diversity as a competitive advantage to drive innovation and creativity, and he is committed to developing multicultural and diverse leaders in the workplace.

He received his professional certification in executive and leadership coaching as a way to enhance and accelerate his ability to help leaders and organizations implement positive change.

At High Performance Edge, Dan’s vision is to help leaders and organizations create healthy, high-performance cultures and breakthrough business results by identifying and leveraging their own unique “high performance edge”.