Creating a pipeline of authentic, effective, and diverse leaders to fuel innovation and growth

Why Leadership Development?

Leadership aptitude is one of the few remaining competitive advantages that sets a company apart from its competitors in a world that is rapidly moving toward parity in most other areas. 

Leaders drive your culture – and your culture drives and sustains your performance and results.

Some of the most common reasons our clients invest in our highly effective Leadership Development program are:

  • To help coach executives who, while talented or skilled in their work, require emotional intelligence awareness and interpersonal skill-building.

  • To accelerate the growth of the internal leadership pipeline, including all underrepresented groups.

  • To take leaders “from good to great” by giving them the skills and resilience to meet and lead the new pace of relentless change in the workplace

  • To improve and leverage their leadership as a strategic asset to drive performance and bottom line results


What sets the High Performance Edge “Authentic Leaders” Program apart?

  •  We transform leaders from the inside out, rather than just treating the “symptoms” evident in the workplace. 

  • We give leaders access to their authentic leadership strengths, including embracing the strengths and richness of diversity – rather than imposing a prescriptive idea of the type of leaders they should become.

  • It is unparalleled in its depth and effectiveness and it delivers extraordinary, measurable and sustainable results for the leader and his/her organization.  

  • Each program is customized with specific assessments and skill-building modules to address the unique needs of every executive.

Signature elements of this program include:

  • Proprietary Energy Leadership Index assessment to uncover any executive derailers or blind spots in beliefs or behaviors inhibiting success.

  • 360 degree assessment as core tool to provide awareness and benchmarks.

  • Customized skill-building modules on key competencies 

Pricing:  Please contact us for a needs/opportunities assessment conversation so that we may provide you with a customized program to meet your executive’s and your organization’s needs.