Maximizing individual performance and Creating a healthy, high performance company culture. 

Why invest in the High Performance Edge Engage & Activate Program?

One of the biggest problems plaguing American companies is employee disengagement. A recent Gallup study shows that only 30% of the US workforce is engaged in their work, which leaves the majority of US workers that are not contributing their full potential. This is creating a huge impact on the individual performance and fiscal results of companies across all industries. Moreover, it has been shown that if left unmanaged, employee engagement remains unchanged.

Developing your employees across all the dimensions that impact their engagement at work will create an environment where your talent will thrive and consistently deliver peak performance. A supportive company culture also creates loyalty thus increasing retention. What difference would a fully engaged workforce make in your organization?

Some of the key reasons our clients invest in our highly effective High Performance Edge Engage & Activate Program include:

  • Their performance efficiency, productivity or costs are inconsistent or below those of key competitors
  • Employee retention, engagement, and customer satisfaction are sub-optimal
  • There is a growing feeling of complacency, complaining, or worry.
  • The individual or organization has periods of high performance but with significant stress, effort or burnout.
  • The organization lacks diversity and/or an inclusive corporate culture.

What sets the High Performance Edge Engage & Activate Program apart?

Our program uniquely addresses the causes of employee disengagement across the four key dimensions to drive sustainable change

  1. Physical: creating a foundation for sustained physical health, peak energy, & employee well-being.
  2. Mental: building capacity for increased attention and focus to drive improved decision-making, strategic thinking and innovation. 
  3. Emotional: building employee Emotional Intelligence for improved management of and control of their emotions and those of others; and to fuel a new mentoring and leadership model to drive engagement and retention. 
  4. Spiritual/Purpose: creating the link between employee values and company mission/vision/values to fuel a higher level of commitment, passion and results.
  •  Our program also assesses and identifies any gaps in the organization’s overall environment including managing diversity, vision, strategies, goals, culture and policies that impact employee engagement
  •  Our unique approach also includes examining the role of employee engagement on the customer/client experience (where applicable). This is particularly significant for customer service-oriented industries.

Signature elements of this program include:

  • Proprietary Energy Leadership Index assessment that reveals key behavioral patterns and perspectives (conscious and unconscious) affecting engagement
  • Our High Performance Edge Engagement Survey which uncovers individual and organizational gaps impacting engagement to ensure alignment
  • Customized skill-building modules on key competencies

Pricing: Please contact us for a needs/opportunities assessment conversation so that we may provide you with a customized program to meet your executive’s or your organization’s needs.